App developer

A person who makes and updates mobile apps. He or she often works for a larger app development company/app publisher.

App publisher

The company or individual who owns the app and presents or ‘publishes’ it on the app store. A publisher’s account on Google Play can often contain numerous apps.

Conversion rate (CVR)

The percentage of people who install the app after seeing it on Google Play.

Cost per install (CPI)

The calculated price for each app install which is generated through advertising.

Google Play / The Playstore

The world’s largest app store which is the location users visit to find and install Android apps. Often referred to as the Play store.

Install tier

The number of people who have installed the app on their device, throughout the app’s history.


The way of earning money from a mobile app. There are 6 recognized app monetization methods available.

Retention rate

The percentage of users over a specific time period that keep the app installed on their device.

Software development kit (SDK)

A collection of software development tools bundled together in one easily installable package. An easy way for app developers to integrate third-party tools, features, monetization methods and more into their app.


The term used to define a person who "uses" the app.

User acquisition (UA)

An advertising method to attract new users to install an app through mobile advertising channels.